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The Inspirational Journey of Gabriel Feitosa | Turning Dog into Art 🐶🐩


Gabriel Feitosa, a talented dog groomer and artist, has made a name for himself by transforming animals into captivating works of art. At his esteemed grooming salon in San Diego, he creates astonishing designs, where Bernedoodles become giraffes and poodles become Pokémon. With a combination of traditional grooming techniques and unique artistic flair, Gabriel has gained significant recognition and a substantial online following.

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Discovering the Passion: From São Paulo to San Diego

A Childhood Fascination

Gabriel Feitosa’s journey in the world of dog grooming began during his childhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Taking his sister’s dog, Icaro, to the local groomer for regular baths and haircuts, Gabriel developed a keen interest in the grooming process. Watching the groomer meticulously bathe, cut, and spruce up the dogs fascinated him. This early exposure ignited a deep passion within him and planted the seeds for his future career.

Embracing Dog Grooming as a Calling

Eager to learn more about the art of dog grooming, he approached the groomer and asked for guidance. The groomer agreed to teach him how to wash dogs, and soon he started working at the shop after school. Recognizing his immense dedication and talent, Feitosa made the bold decision to pursue dog grooming as his full-time career, leaving high school before graduating. He honed his skills by working at the salon and teaching dog grooming based on his real-world experiences.

From Artist to Entrepreneur: The American Dream

A Grooming Internship in California

At the age of 23, Gabriel’s talent and determination earned him a grooming internship opportunity with a dog breeder in Sacramento, California. He seized the chance and moved to the United States to pursue his passion. Over the next three years, Feitosa gained valuable experience working with groomers and participating in dog shows across the country.

Settling in San Diego

In 2017, Gabriel relocated to San Diego with his then-husband, where he began working part-time as a dog groomer at a small salon that housed a pet boutique and bakery. To make ends meet, he took on an additional part-time job assisting a poodle breeder. Little did he know that an opportunity to establish his own grooming business was just around the corner.

Building His Dream Salon

Several months later, Gabriel’s boss presented him with a unique proposition. She offered to sell him her grooming business, which included all the necessary equipment and a loyal client base, for approximately $40,000. Excited by the prospect of having his own salon, Feitosa accepted the offer. He transformed the back of the building into his grooming space, while his former boss continued to run the pet boutique and bakery in the front.

Balancing Artistry and Entrepreneurship

As Gabriel embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, he faced the challenge of striking a balance between his artistic pursuits and the responsibilities of running a business. Despite the occasional headaches of managing employees and renovating the space, he cherished the freedom to experiment with designs and create a welcoming environment where both people and their beloved pets could feel at ease.

Triumph Amidst Challenges

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic posed a significant obstacle for Gabriel’s salon, leading to a two-month closure. However, as an essential business, he was permitted to reopen in May 2020. During this time, Gabriel’s former boss retired, and he took over the entire ground floor of the building, expanding his grooming empire.

Recognition and Success

In 2021, Gabriel’s remarkable talent landed him a spot on the television show “Pooch Perfect,” a competition for dog grooming artists on ABC. The exposure on the show propelled his social media following and business growth. Clients have even traveled from different states to avail themselves of Gabriel’s unique grooming expertise. From shelter pets awaiting adoption to beloved family pets and therapy dogs in hospitals, Gabriel’s intricate designs have brought immeasurable joy to both pet owners and onlookers.

Looking Ahead: Dreams and Aspirations

With his undeniable talent and unwavering passion, Gabriel Feitosa has his sights set on a bright future. He envisions opening a second grooming salon in Los Angeles and hosting his own dog grooming television show. Reflecting on his journey, Gabriel believes that success stems from following one’s passion and purpose wholeheartedly. By dedicating himself fully to his love for grooming dogs and creating awe-inspiring designs, Gabriel Feitosa has proven that wealth and success can be achieved in even the most unexpected paths.

Dog Grooming


Gabriel Feitosa’s exceptional journey from São Paulo to San Diego showcases the transformative power of following one’s passion. With his dog grooming salon as his canvas, Gabriel combines traditional grooming techniques with artistic innovation, delighting pet owners and animal lovers alike. Through dedication, talent, and unique designs, Gabriel Feitosa has not only built a successful business but also brought immeasurable joy to the lives of many. As he continues to pursue his dreams, the future holds unlimited possibilities for this visionary dog grooming artist.🐾🐶🐕‍🦺

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